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BSIS Baton Certification

This 8-hour BSIS Course will teach the fundamentals of Baton handling. Upon completion of the course you will receive a BSIS Certification of Baton Training. Once you complete the course, you will need to submit an application directly to BSIS. The Course is $100 and the BSIS Application Fee is $60.00. Space is limited. Please check our calendar or the scheduling page below for class dates.

We can also complete your Baton Permit renewal! Starting January 1, 2024, BSIS requires ALL Baton Permit holders renew their permit every 2 years. You can find out how to identify your expiration date and more information about the new regulations from BSIS here. You are eligible to renew your Baton Permit within 6 months BEFORE it expires. To sign up, please use the link to our scheduling page below.

All Fees are Non-Refundable.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to attend this course, you must have a submitted application for your Guard Card or possess a valid Guard Card prior to attending.

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Package Includes:

  • Guard Card Class (1 Day)
  • LiveScan Fingerprinting for Guard Card and Firearms
  • BSIS Baton Class
  • Chemical Agents (Pepper Spray) Certification
  • Handcuffing Certification
  • Firearms Class (2 Day)
    • 9mm Weapon Rental
    • 50 rounds of 9mm ammunition
    • Range Fee
    • Eye and Ear (Range Protection)
    • Target

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