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CPR/AED and First Aid Training

Emergency Response Training

· First Aid Training

Our program exceeds Federal OSHA requirements.  It has been reviewed and approved by numerous federal, state and local agencies including the US Coast Guard. We use the most current CPR, AED and First Aid Guidelines. Please click on our training calendar for course dates and times. All Fees are Non-Refundable.

**Adult, Child & Infant** CPR/AED TRAINING

First Aid CPR AED Training–  OSHA Compliant
–  Includes Workbook
–  Includes Certification Card
–  Includes Fast Action Card
–  2 Year Certification

–  Scene Assessment
–  Responding to an Emergency
–  Legal Issues
–  Blood-borne Pathogens
–  Personal Protective Equipment
–  AED Use and Safety Precautions
–  Adult/Child CPR and Choking Care
–  CPR Barriers
–  Recovery Position

PLEASE NOTE: We do not have any future dates for our CPR, AED and First Aid training on our calendar. We recommend reaching out to your local American Red Cross branch to locate a course near you.