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Guard Card Level 2 and Level 3 Training

The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) requires a Security Officer to obtain a California Guard Card prior to working a post.  To obtain a Guard Card, you must complete the Power to Arrest Course which covers the following 2 subjects:

· Power to Arrest
· Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Upon completion and passing this 8-hour Level 1 Training course and submitting your application, fees and fingerprints to the BSIS, you will receive your Guard Card.


Within 6 months of receiving your Guard Card, an additional 32 hours of training is required.  The following paragraph explains the BSIS requirements:

The BSIS requires that every newly licensed or employed security officer shall complete 16 hours of mandatory training within 30 days from the day the officers license was issued or the day the officer begins employment.  The remaining 16 hours of mandatory training shall be completed within the first 6 months from the day the officer’s license was issued or the day the officer begins employment as a security officer.


McGrew and Associates, Inc. is the only Training Facility in the Bay Area where you can complete ALL 40 Hours (Level 1,2 , & 3) of the mandatory training in 1 week! Our program consists of ALL the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services’ required training.  Please note:  Students may take the following classes in any order.

Level 2 Training

1. Public Relations / Communications—8 Hours  $49.95*
2. Workplace Violence / Preserving the Crime Scene—8 Hours  $49.95*

Level 3 Training

1. Observation / Documentation & Handling Difficult People—8 Hours  $49.95*
2. Liability / Legal Aspects & Courtroom Demeanor—8 Hours $49.95

At McGrew and Associates, Inc., our goal is to give our students an advantage when applying for a security position by providing this additional training,

For years, McGrew and Associates, Inc. has been providing the best trained security professionals to all of the major security companies in the Bay Area and will continue to improve our service to make YOU the BEST TRAINED OFFICERS available.


  • FREE GUARD CARD CLASS if you prepay for your Level 2 & 3 Classes.
  • Guard Card Class and 32HRS Level 2 & 3 Training for only $199.80. All Fees are Non-refundable.

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